Taryn Galbreath

Northwestern University


For nearly 20 years as the White House correspondent and Washington bureau chief for The New York Post, Deborah Orin epitomized the very best in journalism. She brought to her craft the highest standards of excellence. Deborah Orin began covering New York politics in 1977, and a decade later moved to the nation’s capital where she reported on four U. S. presidents. She believed that the media needed a wider political perspective, that a diverse country needs a diverse press. When she died of cancer in 2007, she left behind many friends, her husband, Neville, and colleagues on the White House beat. The New York Post wrote: “readers will miss her honesty and wisdom.” Thanks to a gift, the WHCA has established the Deborah Orin Scholarship to benefit students at her alma mater. Two students will each receive a $5,000 scholarship, allowing them to pursue the craft Deborah Orin practiced every day. This scholarship will allow a new generation of journalists to strive for Deb’s very high standards.

Taryn Galbreath is a Master’s degree candidate on the video broadcast track. A native of Evanston, Illinois, Taryn completed her Bachelor’s and first Master’s degree at the University of Illinois in UrbanaChampaign. Her diversified background is the foundation to her insistent pursuit of producing public service journalism. As a multitalented media professional, Taryn’s experience in media began on the business side at the Chicago Sun-Times and subsequently CLTV and WGN-TV. Inspired by journalism, she decided that she would best maximize her skills by telling the news rather than selling the news. She freelanced for such publications as the Chicago Defender, Chicago Crusader, developing visual, editing and producing skills. Taryn is spending this spring in D.C. as part of the Washington program at Medill.

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