President Joe Biden delivers remarks. Photo by Doug Mills/The New York Times)

Members and Membership



2022 Membership applications now being accepted

Applications are now open for 2022 memberships. An important reminder: even current members need to apply each year.


New applicants should check the criteria for membership. Members who have changed assignments or employers since their last application also should check the criteria.

Membership dues include a non-refundable credit card fee. 

Membership Criteria

REGULAR MEMBERS: To qualify for regular membership, an applicant must be employed on the editorial staff of a newspaper, periodical, wire service, radio, TV, or other news-gathering organization that regularly reports on the White House. The applicant or the news-gathering organization with which the applicant is affiliated must be credentialed by a Congressional Standing Committee. The applicant’s principal journalistic assignments must involve White House coverage.

ASSOCIATE MEMBERS: To qualify for associate membership, an applicant must be employed on the editorial staff of a newspaper, periodical, wire service, radio, TV, or other news-gathering organization that reports on the White House. Associate members may not vote or hold elective office in the Association. Regular members who retire from journalistic assignments involving White House coverage may apply to the Executive Board for associate membership.

HONORARY MEMBERS: Honorary membership in the Association may be conferred by the Executive Board upon any person who has distinguished himself or herself in public life, in the field of journalism, or who has rendered outstanding service to the Association.

There shall be excluded from membership: any person engaged in lobbying, public relations, or the prosecution of any claim pending before the Congress or any Government Department; any person employed directly or indirectly by any stock exchange, board of trade, or similar organization or brokerage house or brokers engaged in the buying or selling of any securities or commodities. Any person who engages in any of the above activities subsequent to admission to the Association shall be expelled in the manner provided herein.

Any member who, for any cause, shall cease to be eligible for membership, shall forfeit all rights and interests in the association, and shall be expelled in the manner provided herein.

Read the full by-laws.

Only members are eligible to purchase tickets to the annual dinner.

Membership Dates

Applications for regular and associate membership will be accepted and processed throughout the year.

However,the following deadlines will apply to allow the membership committee sufficient time for the approval required to buy dinner tickets or vote:

  • Only news organizations with members are eligible to buy tickets to the annual dinner. Applications for membership must be submitted by February 1 to qualify that person’s outlet to buy dinner tickets that year;
  • Applications must be submitted by May 1 and must be approved by June 1 to qualify to vote in that year’s election

Membership Policy 

Membership shall cease immediately if a member changes employer. He or she may reapply for membership, without paying dues a second time.

Practices and Principles of White House Coverage

In 2015, the White House Correspondents’ Association drafted a Practices and Principles document, representing our shared belief about the best path to transparency and openness at the White House, the institution we are privileged to cover for millions of Americans and people the world over. Some of the particular requests are already common practice at the White House. Some of them are not. We urge the White House to embrace them all — in letter and in spirit — to demonstrate its commitment to transparency and respect for an independent press. We urge all serious presidential campaigns to do the same. And we urge you, the members of the White House press corps, to read them again and to commit yourself to making them a reality.