Kevin Dubouis

University of Missouri

Photo: Twitter

Kevin Dubouis is a 2014 White House Correspondents’ Association (WHCA) scholar, and the recipient of a $2500 grant to study in Washington D.C

By the time he reaches his 24th birthday in June of this year, Kevin Dubouis will have received his master’s degree and travelled the globe nearly as much as an older, more seasoned journalist. Born in Nice, Kevin moved to Paris at 18 where he entered the Paris Institute of Political Studies. His specific area of focus was the economic and democratic transitions of countries in Eastern Europe, Asia and South America. Because of a special interest in the struggles of minority groups in the Middle East, Kevin travelled to Syria in January 2011 hoping to visit the Armenian community of Aleppo. He is keenly aware of his good fortune in being able to have witnessed many historical events as they happened. Kevin is currently an intern at Al Jazeera where he feels he has gained invaluable experience understanding domestic and international affairs.

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