Angela Hart

The University of California, Berkeley

The White House Correspondents’ Association supports a student of The University of California at Berkeley through a $5,000 gift toward a post-graduate degree for a student in the Government and Public Affairs reporting track.

US Army Veteran Angela Hart is a print and multimedia journalist who covers the environment, health care and her particular passion: politics. A proponent of what she describes as ‘explanatory journalism,’ Angela connects policy and politics to the lives of ordinary people. While currently pursuing a master’s degree at UC Berkeley’s Graduate School of Journalism, her thesis project investigates how the Affordable Care Act  may leave behind many of the neediest Americans living in the Bay Area. In the past year she has reported on the 2012 election, city finance, and home foreclosures in Oakland’s poorest neighborhoods. She has written for The Oakland Tribune, The San Francisco Press, The Huffington Post’s ‘ and a local web publication, Oakland North.
While deployed in Iraq, Julia’s Military Police unit was one of the first on the ground to move from the Baghdad area into the Balad, in the Sunni Triangle. She credits her interest in journalism for keeping her going during this difficult time.

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