2016 Dinner

April 30, 2016

Larry Wilmore, host of “The Nightly Show with Larry Wilmore” on Comedy Central, was the entertainer at the annual dinner on Saturday, April 30, 2016.

White House Correspondents Association dinner in Washington DC. 20160430 (Photo by Mary F. Calvert )

“Larry’s edgy, even provocative, brand of humor means he’s certainly up to the task of skewering politicians of all ideological stripes, and we don’t expect the nation’s news media to escape unscathed, either,” said Carol Lee, White House correspondent for The Wall Street Journal and president of the White House Correspondents’ Association™. “We are thrilled that Larry has accepted our invitation to be the featured comedian at our annual dinner, which will be the last during the Obama White House.”

The WHCA™ represents the White House press corps in its dealings with the administration on coverage-related issues. The WHCA™ dinner is traditionally attended by the President and the First Lady as well as other senior government officials and members of the press corps. Proceeds from the dinner go toward scholarships and awards aimed at supporting aspiring journalists and recognizing excellence in the profession.

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