The bylaws of our association say that “the promotion of excellence in journalism” is core to the WHCA. Below are helpful resources, guidelines, and best practices as you navigate this beat.

Guide to the White House Beat
The White House beat can be daunting. This document helps break down some of the unspoken rules of coverage, expectations for collegiality, useful terminology, and where on the White House grounds you can go without being tackled.

Print Pool Guidelines
The print pool reports are truly the first draft of history, distributed to thousands of people. Print poolers must adhere to strict guidelines as they cover the president and share what they’re seeing and hearing with the rest of the press corps, who is counting on them to be their eyes and ears.

Travel Pool Guidelines
The technical ins and outs for covering the president when he’s on the road.

Best Practices
In 2015, the WHCA board put together a “Practices and Principles” document meant to guide the relationship between the press corps and the White House. It set expectations for access and coverage opportunities that remain a touchstone to this day.

WHCA Bylaws
These are the bylaws that govern the White House Correspondents’ Association and its board. They were last updated by a vote of the membership in late 2022.

White House Press Corps Travel Policies

The White House Travel Office provides members of the White House Press Corps with a range of travel services when they accompany the President, Vice President, and First Lady, or when requested by the White House Press Secretary. Such services include: air and ground transportation, hotel accommodations, and a Press Filing Center.