July 6, 2021

WHCA 2021 Election Results

WHCA Election Results – July 5, 2021

Here are the results of the 2021 WHCA elections. A total of 397 ballots were submitted.

RADIO SEAT 2021-2024

Karen Travers, ABC News                             374

Abstain                                                              19

Write-in                                                               4

(Steve Herman, Sagar Meghani, Franco Ordonez, Bricio Segovia – 1 each)

WIRE SEAT 2021-2024

Justin Sink, Bloomberg                                  364

Abstain                                                              24

Write-in                                                              9

(Steve Holland 5; Rob Crilly 1; Jeff Mason 1; Zeke Miller 1; Jennifer Jacobs 1)    

AT-LARGE SEAT 2021-2024

Anita Kumar, Politico                                     197

Kelly O’Donnell, NBC News                          197

Write-in                                                           0

Abstain                                                            3

**Pursuant to Article VII, Section 1(a) of the WHCA bylaws, a candidate for president must also win a seat on the WHCA board to fill that post.

This year’s vote for the At-Large seat resulted in a tie. Article VI, Section 2 states, “In the event of a tie for any vacancy or office, the outgoing Executive Board shall vote to break the tie.” The WHCA Executive Board will convene this week to resolve the tie vote for the At-Large seat and the 2023-2024 presidency.** 

PRESIDENT 2023-2024

Kelly O’Donnell, NBC News                         204

Anita Kumar, Politico                                   191

Write-in                                                           0

Abstain                                                            2


Yes                                                                  333

No                                                                   20

Abstain                                                            44

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