March 5, 2021

WHCA Announces New Scholarship With Asian American Journalists Association

The White House Correspondents’ Association is very happy to announce the creation of a new scholarship in partnership with the Asian American Journalists Association.

“We’re thrilled to be joining with the AAJA in this new partnership and excited about the chance to help not only a promising student, but to encourage and assist a whole new generation of  young journalists who represent the diversity of the country and increasingly the newsrooms of America,” said WHCA President Zeke Miller.

“We are honored and excited to launch this partnership alongside the WHCA,” said Michelle Lee, AAJA President. “Providing Asian American and Pacific Islander student journalists an opportunity to be mentored by an experienced AAJA member is core to our mission of building a pipeline of AAPI journalists and supporting students with scholarship assistance, guidance and a professional network.”

The new scholarship adds to partnerships the WHCA already has with 10 universities around the United States. They are American University, Arizona State University, Columbia University, Howard University, Northwestern University, Ohio University, the University of California at Berkeley, the University of Kansas, the University of Maryland and the University of Missouri.

It also has a scholarship partnership with the National Association of Hispanic Journalists.

And the WHCA honors an independently financed scholarship recipient from Iowa State University, in partnership with the White House Historical Association.

The new WHCA-AAJA scholarship will be for $2,000 each year, with the WHCA contributing half and the AAJA contributing half. The student also will be matched with a volunteer mentor from the White House press corps for a year.

Since the WHCA started helping students in 1991, it has awarded more than $1.4 million in scholarships and leveraged an additional $1.2 million in aid. Scholarships are financed by donations – anyone can help by donating here – and by proceeds from the association’s annual dinner.

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About the WHCA

The White House Correspondents’ Association exists to promote excellence in journalism as well as journalism education, and to ensure robust news coverage of the president and the presidency. We support awards for some of the best political reporting of the past year, and scholarships for young reporters who carry our hopes for vibrant journalism in the years to come. Each day, we work to ensure that the men and women who cover the White House have the ability to seek answers from powerful officials, up to and including the President.

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About AAJA 

The Asian American Journalists Association (AAJA) is a membership nonprofit advancing diversity in newsrooms and ensuring fair and accurate coverage of communities of color. AAJA has more than 1,500 members across the United States and Asia. AAJA’s four-fold mission is to increase AAPI perspectives and representation in newsrooms, media, and storytelling. We do so by the following: 

  • To provide a means of association and support among Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) journalists, and to advance AAPI journalists as news managers and media executives.
  • To provide encouragement, information, advice and scholarship assistance to AAPI students who aspire to professional journalism careers.
  • To provide to the AAPI community an awareness of news media and an understanding of how to gain fair access.
  • To research and point out when news media organizations stray from accuracy and fairness in the coverage of Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders and AAPI issues.

On Twitter: @aaja 

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