August 26, 2019

WHCA Files Court Brief Against Press Pass Suspension

From WHCA President Jonathan Karl

The WHCA has filed an amicus brief in a case contesting the White House’s decision to suspend the press pass of one our members.
We strongly disagree with the government’s argument that neither the Due Process clause nor the First Amendment constrains the administration in determining who gets access to the White House.  We also believe giving the White House Press Secretary unfettered discretion to determine what is ‘professional’ or ‘unprofessional’ conduct would have a chilling effect on journalists.

From the Brief

“The ability of the press to question elected officials vigorously and regularly and to report freely on the activities of these officials is fundamental to our democracy. When government officials—including the President of the United States here—attempt to restrict, curtail, intimidate, or silence the press in its news gathering activities, the rights of the people and the press, as guaranteed by the First Amendment, are infringed, and our democratic form of government is placed in jeopardy.”

Read the Full WHCA Brief here

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